About Elsa

Elsa is a 7 year old Terrier mix.  Elsa is good with kids and other dogs but NOT good with cats. Elsa is a dominant gal, likes things her way. She is house, leash and crate trained. Very social and friendly with everyone! She does like to go for long walks still! Elsa can sometimes be somewhat protective of her family and house, but she has not been aggressive. Elsa does have severe separation anxiety when left home alone.  A home where she is not left alone a lot would be ideal for her, as she does not fare well in a crate due to her anxiety. Elsa also NEEDS to be in special dog food for her sensitive tummy.  If taken off it and given a cheaper food, she will have issues with bowel movements and will lose fur.  Please take this into consideration that it will be a life long thing for her and if you are not wiling to spend the little extra money on good food, she will not be a good fit for you.  If you would like to schedule a time to come meet Elsa, please CALL the shelter and ask for Dawn. We are NOT taking walk in’s at this time. 231-238-8221.

Breed:terrier mix
Age:7 years
Location:In Shelter