Cheboygan County Humane Society

The Society is dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of animals and finding homes for adoptable homeless animals. The Society is responsible for implementing Cheboygan County’s animal control program and operating the County’s animal shelter.

If you have an animal control complaint, please call 911.

Our Adoptable Animals


Family Fair Receipts

The Cheboygan County Humane Society will need all the direct your dollar receipts from Family Fair no later than February 20th as they are discontinuing the program and we need to have the final receipts turned into the company by March 1st. We would like to thank everyone who has collected these over the years to help support the shelter. You can drop off your receipts at the Cheboygan County Humane Society or mail them in. However, we do need them at the shelter no later than February 20th. Thank you.

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