Cheboygan County Humane Society

The Society is dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of animals and finding homes for adoptable homeless animals. The Society is responsible for implementing Cheboygan County’s animal control program and operating the County’s animal shelter.

If you have an animal control complaint, please call 911.


Up coming Events

September 27th, 2018- Chinese Soup & Casserole Dinner

October 6th 2018- Fall Fest Doggie Fashion Show (Enter before Oct 4th see post page for more details)

October 13th 2018- Creepy Critter Pet Parade

Look for more information for the CCHS 4th Annual Fur Ball


Thank you everyone for your support at our 4th Annual Fur ball.  We look forwards to seeing all of you at this years New Years Eve Gala.




Get your Tickets for your Chance to Win!


Save the Date! Soup Supper

Join Us for Our Soup & Casserole Supper

Thursday October 18th at the Inverness Township Hall from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m.

This months theme is Mexican (American Food will be presented).

$10.00 for adults and $5.00 for kids 12 & under.

Little Francis needs your help!!

Little Francis was left on CCHS’s doorstep without a note as to where he came from.  I found him and was appalled at how bad his eye was infected.  I immediately got him to our vet and they had to remove his right eye.  The actual eyeball was in its proper place, that bulge was scar tissue and infections.  Our vet said that extreme trauma was most likely the cause.  His left eyes cornea is perforated and needs to have antibiotics 4 times a day in hopes of saving it, if the meds fail, it will also have to be removed.  He is being fostered with me at my house so I can monitor him and apply the meds to his eye.   We do not know his back story and would rather NOT know it, but he is the sweetest little boy and  LOVES to cuddle.  I am so glad that he has a fighting chance.  I am starting this Go Fund Me in hopes that fellow animal lovers would donate to help pay for his medical bills.  Our medical fund is running low and we did not expect to incur this kitty or his medical expenses.  Every little bit helps and we appreciate all who donate to us year round!

Spot light Pets Adoptions.

We have so many cats!! Please help us!! Fill out the Adoption Questionnaire on our website to get pre approved!! ( This reduced adoption fee for cats only runs October 15th-October 31st.

Amazon Smile Thank you


Amazon smile funding has been a wonderful resource for us at the Cheboygan County Humane Society. We have a story we would like to share with you about how your contributions have helped make the lives of the animals here at the shelter better. We would like to share Meathead’s story.  Meathead is a 4 year old English Bull dog.  He was living in a garbage can chained to a tree behind a house.  When he was found, he was emaciated, with open wounds on his ears from fly-strike and in need of extra care and love. Meathead came to the shelter where he was fed regularly and antibiotics were placed on his ears.  He began to gain weight and his ears started to heal.  As time went on he was put up for adoption where many people came out and looked at him.  Meathead loves anyone who gives him attention and immediately bonded with a gentleman, who adopted him.  He now lives a great life, he goes for walks and on adventures with his new owner and even gets to sleep in his bed.  No more garbage can for this beautiful dog!

We also would like to remind everyone that you can help by using our link at  when you shop online with amazon.


This story is shared at part of the hashtag #SeasonOfSmiles campaign.